Method Reference
:: services module

This is a complete reference of USOS API methods.

  • Methods are grouped into modules. Modules may contain methods and/or other modules.
  • It is worth noticing that all pages in this subtree are automatically generated based on the output of apiref module, which is a part USOS API itself.
  • USOS API is still a very young project. Help us by telling what you need!


services/adm_documents Info on administration documents
services/apiref Accessing API docs
services/apisrv API server data
services/apistlog Method call stats
services/attendance Attendance lists
services/blobbox Storing binary data
services/calendar University calendar
services/cards Data on users' ID cards
services/courses Info on courses
services/credits Study credits info
services/crstests Course tests
services/csgroups User-defined groups
services/emrex Student mobility
services/events Event subscriptions
services/events2 Manage events and notifiactions preferences
services/examrep Exam reports info
services/examrep2 Exam reports info
services/exams Registration for exams
services/fac Information on faculties
services/facperms Per-faculty permissions
services/feedback Feedback reports
services/fileshare Sharing files
services/geo Geographical data
services/grades Accessing grades info
services/groups Accessing group info
services/guide University guide
services/housing Dormitories and housing
services/instaddr Institutional addresses
services/mailclient Composing emails
services/mailing Sending email messages
services/meetings University meetings
services/mobility Access and edit Learning Agreement
services/news Faculty and university news
services/oauth OAuth Authorization
services/oauth2 OAuth provider module
services/payments Students' payments module
services/phones Phone numbers
services/photos User-photo settings
services/pit Access to PIT declarations
services/plctests Placement tests
services/prgroups Primary groups
services/progs Study programmes
services/registrations University registrations
services/slips Clearance slips
services/statements Signing statements
services/surveys Satisfaction surveys
services/terms Info on Academic Terms
services/theses Theses and diplomas
services/tt Accessing activity timetables
services/uprefs User preferences
services/users Accessing user information
USOS API ver., 56773a67 (2024-07-15)